Participate in Chronic Care Management

If you want to participate in chronic care management but are worried about the logistics, let us do it for you.  Since 2015 Chronic Care Management has been billable through Medicare and providers have wanted to participate in chronic care management but didn’t want to hire more staff or burden their current staff.  That’s why we have a nurse that will handle the coordination for you.  We find the patients, help develop a plan based on your notes, you approve or change the plan and we do the work for you.

Chronic Care Management

What is Chronic Care Management?

The program is designed for patients who are on medicare and have 2 or more predefined chronic conditions that you are managing and have been diagnosed and billed for in the past year.  The chronic conditions are listed in the blue box. You develop a care plan for the patient, discuss the benefits of participating in the program, and we handle the monthly contact with the patient. We follow up with the patient to reconcile medications to see if everything is working with them.  We can handle their concerns to present to the doctor and remind them of flu shots and other appointments. The chronic care management program can by billed by certified nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

What does Medical Practice Management Solutions do?

  • We do data mining to find the potential patients
  • We call to determine interest in the service
  • We form a care plan based off the last note
  • Our nurse calls monthly to coordinate care

Benefits to the patient

  • More frequent contact from doctors office
  • Being proactive can decrease hospital trips
  • Can help coordinate care with primary care physician and specialists

Benefits to the doctor

  • Increases patient satisfaction and outcomes
  • Decrease in phone calls
  • Increase in revenues

If you want to participate in Chronic Care Management and want to see more of how it can benefit both the provider and the patient, give us a call at 304-955-6200