Healthcare Information Technology

MPMS offers a completely virtualized highly scalable healthcare information technology environment to its clients. By using state-of-the-art enterprise class hardware from vendors like Cisco, Citrix, Microsoft and Dell MPMS is able to achieve 99.9% availability. All HIPAA protected data is securely stored in the MPMS datacenter, therefore taking the burden of proper HIPAA compliant IT practices off the shoulders of medical practices.

By using robust “any endpoint” remote access technology from Citrix MPMS allows its clients to access their secure system from anywhere with an internet connection. MPMS clients find it very convenient to keep up with day to day practice tasks while away from the office. This has proven to be especially helpful for busy physicians keeping up with medication refills, messages, scheduling and the like.

Lumos Networks and MPMS work together to provide 99.9% availability of secure point to point internet connections to MPMS clients. Lumos’s Metro Ethernet technology allows remote offices to work as if they are part of the local MPMS network. MPMS also has the ability to work with clients outside the Lumos Networks service area by using HIPAA compliant MPLS T1 connections.

Technology We Use

We are partners and resellers of leading edge technologies that can go to work for you and exceed your healthcare information technology expectations without having to hire your own IT department.  Our partnership with Citrix helps us deliver multiple products such as cloud based computing solutions, desktop virtualization, and end-user applications.   We also are a reseller of MicroMD.  We install, train and service your micromd products such as the award winning MicroMD PM (practice management) and MicroMD EMR (electronic medical record keeping) software.

To see what healthcare information technology can do to improve your practice, let us set up a demonstration for you.  Call us today at 304-955-6200.  If you have other IT based needs, check out our sister company Arx Technologies.

Healthcare Information Technology Partners